Saturday, February 21, 2009


im skipping just now..
because i was so exasperated..

plus im feeling down today..
how im gonna make it right..
everything have been screwed up!

aaaahhhhh apa2 laaa.
help me!

hope tomorrow and days onwards will be much more better.


Ms_Mui2 said...

rilek pipah...

pinkRose said...

cool dear,i knew u felt like wanna jump off from our window.
and i have some cool idea.
it would be nice if u take some fresh milk.
after that u will feel sleepy and faint.. and everything will be clear..hahaha
try it..heee

pinkRose said...

i'm sory,just kidding.its better if u take a nap.relax otak..and tawakkal..

fadzlin hasani said...

salah saya ke?

fadzlin hasani said...

yuhu org jauh


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