Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kak Ros,im done!

The rules are simple,use google image to answer the questions below.Then you must choose the picture on the first page for the result and post it as your answer.

1. Im..
this whole world recognised me and waits for me in 4 years at once!

2. My favourite thing..
my lappy..i swear i hate yasser because ruined it.

3. I really want to go
Home!!! being around wit my family is the best moment in my life,as only them will ACCEPT urself no matter how annoying and complicated you are 

4. My favourite place is..
Kitchen! dapurku syurgaku..source of FOOD is here..(grinning)

5. My favourite drink..
soybean..but i cant find this drink here (zagazig) sad..

6. My favourite food..
Tomyam hot & spicy!..i will not bother anything around me when come to this. ;)

7. My favourite colour..
orange! its cool rite? ;p

8. I live in..
Egypt...i wish i could ride the camel..LOL

9. I was born in
Yes..i was born here

10. My school..
Zagaziq university..outside town..hehe

11. My favourite story
Italian cooper and cunning thief!

12. my hobby
Of course surfing! no money will fly from ur pocket! haha

13. i wish..
i can be an islamic and good doctor.Amin..



roserz said...


Ms_Mui2 said...

italian job tu cter ape???
mcm bes je

fa-aja-aja said...

citer dia curi jongkong emas dalam peti yg di simpan di balai polis dengan strategi yg sggh smart tanpa ada guna senapang pistol2.hehe.

then one of their team betrayed ol of them and bawa lari tuh peti emas the story is,dorg berusaha dptkan balik peti emas tuh dgn cara yang sama tapi strategi yg lain smpi kwn yg khianat nih nda dpt kesan.


roserz said...

yup's one of my fav story also...hehehe..tiguk byk kali ocean 11, 12 ,13 jugak..ngehngeh

Ms_Mui2 said...

wahhh...aku ska ni kalo actn mvie!!


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