Thursday, June 4, 2009


Since yesterday was my last paper of biochem and now waiting for next paper on 14th june..
i treat my self with movies.
i have watched couple of movies at tat night..50 first dates and slumdog millionaire

50 first dates is movie i recommend you to watch if you want to learn how to be a good lover..kikiki

ohya! instead of P.s i love you okey..

Im into action movie for romance,i choose these two movies. =)
i can barely watch thriller movie but not horror.
not because im scared of ghost but since i was child,my dad never encourage us to watch this type of movies because it sounds creepy..ghost? no such thing.[no hard feeling for horror's fans]

about slumdog millionaire is quite interesting because its base on true story rite in india..
salute with the actors and all the kids..they can speak english fluently! itu buat aku tekejut.heh

so.this evening we gonna have lunch at Rock chicken and celebrate Kak zarip bday too!

have fun! ;D

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