Friday, July 10, 2009

Matrouh V1

Salam... ;)

im in the mood to post some entry today about my fabulous vacation . *wink2*
6,7 and 8 of July..
we depart on 6th July at 1.00 am,as i said before my trip take about 9 hours to go to matruh.
after 6 hours of journey,we stop at Al-amein pitstop..

see guys..a sunrise ;D

sleepy face on me..after had a pray

this is the the side view

along the journey..

finally...matrouh here we come~


after check in the hostel,we take a rest about 3 hours,then we continue our journey
to the first place..

laut Ajibah (ajaib)..a brief about this sea..
we can see 7 colours in it during a of the most beautiful sea in the world

Subhanallah.. time kat bawah..the sand is so so halus..haha

crystal clear water aite...weee..

akibat hakisan..gini la! sungguh cantikkan..macam kena ukir je
egyptian siap berkelah lagi..

goodbye... ;(

will be continue...

1 comment:

aku naqib said...

uish..cantik betul tempatnya...cantik sikit kalu compare dgn pemandangan kt sungai samarahan..hehe


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