Friday, September 4, 2009

I know him

Finally,after some searching of Al-Fatihah recitor from the entry below

i found his name is

Syeik Fahd Al Kanderi

such a beautiful voice

you can check his link,Fahd-Al-Kanderi.html



Amin said...

Thank you my dear. I visited the site and listen another surah recited by him, really touching and can't held my tears drop.

Nazeera Balqis said...

mcmna ko dpt cari ni pot?
terer la u..=)
but tq gila dgr

fa-aja-aja said...

aku tgok utubela..
salu ad aorg komen kan kat bawah2 tuh.jadi ternmpakla nama dia.=)


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