Friday, November 6, 2009

The back of the napkin

hello dear,

ok,abah boost my spirit to begin my interest in visual thinking.
heh,i didn't expect it will turn out like this just because of my first attempt of drawing in white blank paper..haha
check this

i dont know whether its true that im a visual thinker or not,it is because i draw just for fun and it just there! yah,a-suddenly-situation u want to draw something,i know all of u know what i,fa aja aja why not u give it a try? ok,thats the correct answer.he.It takes u 3 months to adapt with a new skill in your studies,so be patient and see the final result.

so abah give me the website of this napkin..ah,its actually a title of book,i browse the web and saw what the author explained in briefing about his book,wow his ascent is understandable..heh heh
so people,check this

i still remember i accompanied abah to find this book at the bookstores,if im not mistaken we went to kinokuniya and boaders.But,the book is not there.Either sold out or not arrive yet.Its a new book,and i never ask what the book is all about..hehe..

then,cant wait to read his book.

happy friday!

1 comment:

fa-aja-aja said...

ok,abah, saya tak dapat cari buku tuh di gigapedia.Nak baca mcm mn eh?


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