Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life's updated!

hello readers,

im back! after disappeared for almost 2 weeks?.Also,hantu melaka was requesting me to update my life since im back to egypt.I think i know who hantu melaka is,because he always used various nicknames to appear in my blog,but stil i know who he was.haha.wek!

My routine is start to be hectic and busy..maybe? thus,i don't know where to start my story *sigh*

1. Today is my first day of "time of the month",,so i feel really weak and luckily i escape my class at the morning,because i know,if i stay at the university until noon,i will probably vomiting,headache-ing and can't help myself.I stil remember my first year,i have the same situation on the first day and i take my lessons,DONT STAY!

2. My housmie had bought me 1 packet of green bean,yah bean.bahasa malaysia nya kacang hijau.I want to create something using that bean,,so i stil need some other stuff to make it successful,pray for me.later when my creation is done,i will show also cant wait tho! =)

3. Last friday,i went to cairo to attend MAT at Rumah sabah,,i can't believe that one of the person standing in front of me is very resemble to someone i know long time ago.The memory is back.That's all.

4. The winter is just around the corner,my room start to switch off the fan when we go to sleep,because yesterday i got cold and today i got flue.huh?

5. i need to catch up my studies after 2 weeks of my absence.To make my study progressing easy,i record every lecture using intan's camera but i still not satisfy because i cant bring the camera everywhere because i just can revise the recorded video in front of my laptop.To make our study effective,we must combine what we see,we hear,we write,we read and we do.The more frequent you heard,the more or the tendency to remember the words are high.Ada makna tersirat nih,abah saja faham..hehehe

so that's all readers,i just can update some of it..i will add more later..thanks for reading..happy sunday!


Azyy said...

cam kenal ja baju. muahahaha
knp? ko mau makan tauge ka?

p/s: pokcik Amir ko kirim salam..

fa-aja-aja said...

haha..remain legend ba tuh kak..baju ko sejak sekolah rendah eh?

haha..bukan taugeh laaa..nnti aku bg tunjuk hasilnya..sekarang start pun belom..*biji=bizi*

sapaka pkcik amir?

azyy said...

org yg ko bercakap dlm telefon ari tu la.
kwn aku.

fa-aja-aja said...



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