Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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hye people!

for this session,i want to share with you some websites/homepages which connects to my studies.
In appropriate way,,i always browsed these websites during my revision/study hour at home if i have any difficulties in digest/understand what i had read

before that,i really2 want any suggestion of websites for medical student like me to broaden my knowledge or at least the websites given are all about topics on what a medical student study at university.The website i really want is the one which have videos included,,because the process/pathway in some topics are very difficult to understand without any illustration.So,its better to see something moving in front of you instead of just reciting the chunk of words in the textbooks.

I have tried using You Tube before this,but i was feel little dissapointed on it because the videos it showed are not the one that exactly i wanted.Don't worry,its not that bad as i think,,maybe its just not the one i want.

1) http://wiki.answers.com/ [kind of wikipedia,but more to science information]
2) http://www.lab.anhb.uwa.edu.au/mb140/ [Blue Histology,its a great website because provide you with the histological view/image of cell structures under microscope]
3) http://www.medstudysites.com/ [Guide you how to study in proper way for every subjects and exam's question/practice also provided]
4) http://www.ehow.com/ [ this site is not purposely for medical things,but it will may help you to find out on how things are going in your daily life]

so peeps,,i love to hear from you if you have any suggestion websites for me.Thank you.

Happy Tuesday!

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