Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sony ICD PX720

Hello friends,

1) My new target from now is Sony recorder,i need to servay the price before buying it.Maybe this eid,i will go to Cairo and start searching for it.I desperately want this gadget! must-have-list~ check it out this link

2) Start from next week,on 27th november,Egypt will celebrate one of the most popular festive in Egypt that is EID ADHA! Banks in egypt start to close at 24th for 10 days,,so hurry up guys,,withdraw your money to save for another days of holidays remain.

3) Egypt was defeated by Algeria for World Cup qualification in play-off game! *sigh* it's the second meeting after egypt won in the first game.

4) I will start my bean project during the holidays,insha Allah.

5) we plan to have an open house during the eid and we already list out the menu (s) we want to served.Nasi himpit,lontong,kuah kacang etc etc.

6) ohya! i want to teach u all how to reply back a wish when others wish you " happy eidul Adha"
so u just said back to them

"Kullu Sanah,wa antum bikhoir"

means "setiap tahun,dan kamu sihat walafiat" [the translation of each words]

I dont know what the exact meaning,i know someone will help me to give the meaning later =)

happy thursday!

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