Thursday, November 5, 2009

Waiting mode

hello people!

im tired of waiting...waiting for who? nobody..heheh.
waiting for water house is the highest level in this apartment,so water crisis always appeared.heh

instead of waiting for water,i draw something on the blank paper..i noe,im bad at drawing,,but at the end the drawing turn to be so cute i think..ngeh3

happy thursday!


Amin said...

Never across in my my mind ipa is a visual thinker. Why not? Go ahead make it a habit. Most of the time we can solve our problem using visual thinking. Abah use it most of the time.

don't worry about your drwaing. In visual thinking the most importing thing is not "artistic drawing" but "functional drawing". Is the drawing serve your purpose or not?

Go check this website

fa-aja-aja said...

never across in my mind also abah wil commenting like tis..ngeh3
semangat melukis sebab ada pen kaler2 stabilo yang abah belanja beli..hahaha

fa-aja-aja said...

abah want to know why im drawing tis?
because i saw the same attempt of drawing from photobucket web,,but what we draw is not same,only the pattern of drawing is same.
i fell in love with the pic at the first sight,because the simplicity its have,go check this link

plus..its the first time i enjoyed the drawing,,
ipa nak melukis-lukis?? NO! haha

Ms_Mui2 said...

hahaha..gelak brabis aku tgk muka surgeon tu ba,mcm takut2 ni..wkakak

xray tu...cicak ke??

that owl is so...jaik! mcm kcg je aku tgk.haha

ade plak skull briben ek..syabas bete!

aku nk balllon yg ade smiley ni:: ^_^

oh ya, aku nk guna spek sem dpn,wee~~

p/s : miss u :(

fa-aja-aja said...

hampeh la amui ni..hahah..yg penting functional drawing.hek2

x-ray tuh org la..haha,,npak sgt hodoh lukisan aku smpi org xleh beza

owl mmg tak jadik! benci2! haha

skul tuh feminin,tnda dia ppuan.ngehhh

ko dh rabun ke mui??? sygla!

p/s miss u more!


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