Saturday, December 12, 2009

Darkness during winter is so much fun !

Hello peeps!

How's your winter everyone? mine is good.
Good because i become lethargic.hehhh.
Sleep in the darkness and mysterious is cool.[delete balik mysterious word,tiba2 takut pulak]
but it's become romantic when the snow is falling here [ in your dream to see snow here]

naaa! i want to show u something to make those dark winter nights is more fun and really mysterious.[takkan dilet dah mysterious tu]

weehe.Guess what?
ready for it?

it's a sunjar! it literally store sunlight! All you do is leave it outside in the sun during the day,then,with some mysterious [word kali ketiga] combination of solar panels and technology,it glows on its own at night.

Don't you think its awesome and brilliant idea?

but AGAIN..such thing doesn't sold here.


search them in europe,not in egypt.

daydream : use this as my candle light dinner.HAHA

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