Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Practical ways to use ordinary shampoo

Clean hairbrushes and combs
Shampoo does a great job in getting your hair squeaky clean, so why not your hair brush and combs? It's really a shame to walk out of the shower with perfectly clean hair and then to put the dirt and grease right back into your hair because your hair brush or comb isn't clean.
To keep that perfectly styled hairdo looking the way you intended, fill your bathroom sink with hot water and about 2 tablespoons of your favorite shampoo. Let your hairbrushes soak in this sudsy cleaner for approximately an hour or so. All you have to do now is rinse them off and you're all set.

Remove stains
Shampoo can be a great stain remover, I've used this method hundreds of times and really it's one of my favorite ways to remove stubborn stains. I sometimes get those really nasty, greasy looking stains on my clothes from the fabric softener I use.
I know that isn't good, and I really don't like spending money on a special remover when I have what I need already here at home. I dab the stains with mild shampoo and then throw the item in the wash on cold. It take the stains right out and I didn't have to spend extra money on an expensive laundry stain remover

Substitute for the dishwasher
You're all ready to load up the dishwasher with dirty dishes and realize you are out of dishwashing detergent. I hate when that happens. Instead of running to the store to buy some or just not doing them at all, use some of your shampoo
Just squirt a little bit of shampoo right in the dishwasher dispenser and go ahead and do the dishes. Heck, you might even find out that you really love the results and use it all the time instead of your regular dishwashing detergent. I use shampoo a lot when doing the dishes because it saves me money on buying the dishwashing detergent
Next time shopping day comes around, grab a few extra bottles of shampoo and try out these great ideas. You might find that you really love the results and use these ideas often

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