Friday, October 16, 2009


hello lovelies!

tonight i will back to egypt to begin my sophomore year

i will depart on 17 october at 2.00 am by emirates air line

below is my souvenir to all of u readers..hehehe

i sketched an owl on a piece of boxes in my room..

so anybony who enter my room will see this sketching!


happy friday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Becoming an owl lover

Hye folks! i dont know where i get the idea of becoming owl lover

then i meet this blog which dedicate his blog "for all owl lover"

i scroll down his blog and click the label of his post and i find this :




dont u think all these are so awesome?

can u tell me,where can i get all these without purchasing from ebay or some sort of online shopping,because the price is in USD.huhu..

so now,i try to collect things or etc etc as many as i can with an owl features.

emmmm..wonder where can i get one.

ok,happy midnight! haha

Life Lessons

1. Trust your guts...always

2. Know yourself and your limits

3. Everything happens for a reason.

4. Time doesn't always heal all wounds...

5. Good friends are priceless and hard to come by

6. Invest your time wisely...each day that passes is a day you will never get back

7. We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

Happy tuesday!

Owl.Burung hantu.


its sounds of an owl.


New template.More space.Big font.White background.

That's what im looking for.

Owl is cute right? right?

This sunday i will attend my class after several days of escaping.

not escape,but because im stil in Malaysia. *sigh*

so I must study until my eyebags are seen.Like eyes of an Owl,black ring around their eyes.



New Chapter

after some reading from other blogs

i found something

Life is very meaningful if we know how to appreciate them

Appreciate our lives,help people a lot because nothing makes u feel batter than spending sometime helping someone else.

Last but not least,make urself comfortable and enjoy everything in your life.


remember,life is too short to be sad

smile people

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amaran Keras!!!






Monday, October 5, 2009

Compact powder ape yang besh?

now im in compact-powder-hunting mode

compact powder ape yang besh guys?

because now im using "lancome" aged almost 2 years old

dont be shock!!

im using that since i was in matriculation without even changing to new one

means.. i tak habis pakai.

but still!! everyday of classes from matrix i wore that how tak habes2????

the reason is maybe i only used once per day.

sekali sehari.tak ada touch up balik2.

ok reason yang kuat.haha

so better change it now,takut ada efect pulak,,walaupun sekarang my skin still sihat,,syukur2.

besides,that powder is not stick to my skin..macam cepat je hilang.

pakai tak pakai sameeee je.

my fren,ask me to buy MIYAMI from Cosway..its popular among make up artist they said..

the price is also reasonable for members of cosway la..RM 16.50.!!!

the compact powder is 2 in 1.. POWDER + FOUNDATION.

so,because of i never use foundation before,i have to try them.




mengalami satu situasi yang tidak disukai
rasa marah juga dengan benda2 macam ini..

oh kesian "dia"..
walaupun "dia" tak jangkakan saya mengetahui benda ini
dan pada orang ituh yang membuatkan "dia" sedih..
please,stay away!

kamu dah ada hidup kamu sendiri kan.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink! =)

What i got from Los Angeles?

A wallet!!!

more to clutch i think..but so cute =)

Fossil..baru tau jenama nih wujud =.="

bahagian dalam..hehe..

at the back pun ada compartment..

i also got a keychain! A for ???? XD


but quite blur ait.


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