Saturday, August 6, 2016

[Neb salbutamol]

Hye readers,

I currently working in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh.Im now in second posting and soon will be in third posting on 21st august 2016.I miss sharing my stories after a long pause..7 months? Hehe..maybe this will be a good start to write back..enjoyed.

I remembered in my first month of medical posting,i went to peripheral ward and there was one case i need to do referral to the chest team.

The chest MO saw the case and suddenly plan for CTPA  (CT pulmonary angiogram) urgent at 4.30pm.For me i have no idea at all what was CTPA,i just print the form from SPP and rushingly went down to request to radiologist in charge before 5pm and i have no time to read the procedure in the form.

In process of requesting,the radiologist asked me either that patient had asthma or not and what was i did to cover for the asthma.There was a long pause and i said "neb salbutamol".Within a second,my form was threw away because obviously i gave a very stupid answer.I picked the form on the floor and my request not granted.

I went back ro my ward and got a called from the chest MO (this was after the radiologist called him and told what had happened).He went rage and crazy inside the phone,i just said im sorry.

My ward MO knew about this and asked me what the Chest MO said to me since he noticed my facial expression changed.I said its okay,i dont want to talk about it.He said be patience,the chest mo well known as the malignat one.well,I dont give a shit,hell yeah.

To make the story short,i heard rumors that the Chest MO was appointed to in charge of my ward starting this August.The moment i heard the rumors,im in doomed.I practically dont like him and promised will ignore him all the time  (i wonder) and pray hard that he will not be in my cubicle till the end of my posting,i will make despicable face if he shows his tantrum..these were all my planned.LOL

So here he is,in my ward.Most of the time i can escaped from him,he's not in my cubicle..lalala..if he asked me something,i just make a straight face answeringg it and chowww,as long as not near to him.i think he noticed how was i reacted.

Till this one time,i had to see a new case together with him.He accidentaly make a joke,or purposely or naturally i dont know..and i want to laugh when heard what he said but yeah stay composed afifah..remember all your plan before,ignore him..dont show any mercy to him..lolololol..Turned out i burst out laughing juga (-.-')

Since then,he keep on making all procedures in the ward and teach me whenever i assist him and keep being nice to me and my friends.Just yesterday he full clerked new case which enter my cubicle when im not around in ward because i need to do reporting in radiology department.Im touched.Really.Maybe He realized how important we are to make all works in the ward went well. Self praised self

There is a saying said,no matter how malignant the MO was (applied to some maybe) once you are under him/her..they will change/twist their behaviour a bit in order to take a good care of you and dont let you do any mistake.If you do mistake means the mo also do the mistake and thats mean Specialist will scold the Mo not the houseman..hahahah

By the way,this is eventfull memory i had in my medical posting..for me medical is interesting but the workload is crazy..4 months here is enough for too tired to endure the workload posting will be obs and gynae..till then..


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