Sunday, February 28, 2021

Show Up


She meets challenge after challenge on her way to self-awareness,personal growth and satisfying ending.
With every challenge,she grows stronger.
With every test,she becomes more faithful.
With every loss,she gains in wisdom,clarity and depth.
So that,by the end of her life story,she is a better version of herself
Forged in the fires of life's ups and downs
She emerges a diamond

Show up fo the sake of Allah SWT
Show up for your family
Show up for your circle
Show up for your community
Show up for yourself

A person that is in motion stays in motion
As long as she show up and start moving 
She will continue to keep moving forward and forward


1 comment:

SufyanXavier said...

Kenapa Remove Cara - Cara Basuh Sweater :(


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